Friday, July 29, 2011

Cherry Berry

Location: 1411 North Custer Rd Suite 700, McKinney, Texas      Map It!!

If I could sum it up in one sentence: Cherry Berry in McKinney is a fantastic little self-serve yogurt spot with a variety of yummy flavors & toppings in a bright fun setting-perfect for a fun family dessert night.

And here's the sKoop. . .

We decided to check out Cherry Berry this evening and were pleasantly surprised at how much more we liked it than our usual self-serve yogurt spot (Berri Luscious...I'll have to review them later...can't say the review will be very praiseworthy). This place is much larger, much brighter and offers a wide variety of frozen yogurt along with a TON of toppings. Our kids were in heaven. When we walked in, we were greeted with friendly faces and a warm welcome. There were lots of families there enjoying the atmosphere and treats. When you walk in, you go directly to the back, grab a cup, fill it up with your choice of yogurt, top it with whatever you want, and then put it on a scale to weigh in. You pay per ounce. And I have to say we piled our cups up with yogurt pretty darn fast! 

This location features 14 different flavors of frozen yogurt, some no-sugar, non-dairy and also gluten-free(not that I care about this stuff, but I know some people do:) I love sugar- what can I say?  The favorite flavors of the night were Red Velvet Cake(that was my fave), Cookie Monster & Birthday Cake(kids favorites) and Chocoholic(the hubs). The flavors were fabulous as well as the topping selection. 

There are lots of fun seating options, couches, funky chairs, little kid chairs and stools. This place also features 3 flat-screen tvs. One was playing "How To Train Your Dragon" this evening-the kids loved that!  The other two played sports or something more interesting to adults. For all 5 of us we spent $14(after my 20% off coupon), not bad! We will definitely be back. This is our new fro-yo spot!

minisKoop: Ella(age 7) said, "I loved watching the movie and putting lots and lots of candy on my frozen yogurt!"
hubsKoop: "Way better than the other place we USED to go to."

mysKoop TIPS: Every month look through your AdSavers magazine that comes in the mail because the past two months I've found 20% off coupons for this place! Also, I'd recommend to sign up for their rewards program when you go. You just type your cell phone number/email address into this machine and you get a text with your member number. Every time you go, you just type in your account number and it credits your account. After 10 credits, you get 7 oz of free frozen yogurt. And my friend was also telling me that you also will get a free point per visit when you complete the optional 5 question survey they email you after each visit. So you really only need to go 5 times when you do that and you'll get the free 7oz in half the time! Pretty awesome! I love me some free stuff.   

 And finally here are a couple of pics of the "scene" I took while we were there.

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