Friday, October 18, 2013

Cuz you had a bad day

As a mom of five, I kinda feel like a pro. NOT. Just this morning I cried on the floor in the middle of trying to get everyone out the door for school. Baby woke up at 5am crying and whining non-stop. So that was my background music to the morning of making breakfast, getting lunches ready, snacks packed, doing three little girls hair. And helping my big boy three year old who is potty training go to the potty:) AND, it is Homecoming Day and in Texas yall..this is serious business. So I'm trying to get my kids all "spirited" out in their school shirts, cute hairbows, and I even indulged my oldest in making her a mum this year(why????? WHY???) Trying to get that thing on this morning was wonderful. As I'm typing this now, my husband is sending me ims asking if I'm okay. Hahaha. He is sweet. Bless his heart. He married a crazy lady ;) He hugged me as I shed a few tears this morning in the middle of it all. I'm thankful for him..even though this week he has been no help because he has been sick, can't blame him, but that contributed to a hard week since he is always so helpful!  Most days are great, fine, dandy. But when you have kids, as everyone knows, there are some ROUGH days. I don't think it matters if you have one kid or ten. Its hard to survive some days. And then throw hormones into the mix and you get plain loveliness. Most days I don't cry over stuff, but man I broke down today. And my kids saw it :( And I had to send them to school after mommy wasn't very nice and was a little weepy. I wish there was a rewind button sometimes. For real. I know we all do.

While thinking about all of this in my mind today and beating myself up, I thought to myself, what could I have done to make this morning better? Here are some of my ideas for the future:

1. Instead of making breakfast, just open up all the cabinets and pantry. Tell them to "have fun with it."
2. Let baby have candy. That typically makes children be quiet...
3. Have 3 year old potty train himself. Check out how-to videos from the library. He will learn just fine.
4. Sit in a corner and eat chocolate. Rock back and forth. Yes, most of these ideas are food-related because we all know sugar fixes everything.

See? Chocolate=Love

5. Stop giving in to the school designated days. Silly sock day. Wacky Wednesday. Camo day. Spirit Day. Lets just be done with this nonsense. I'm going to send my kids in all black next time. In resistance. Who's with me? Together, we can make a difference!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Boycott Mums. Mums are really for the moms! It seems like a contest between the moms to see who can make one bigger and blingier. And then that feeling of competitiveness trickles down to the kids and it becomes this silly comparison game. Do you even know what a mum is? Click here to see the craziness of it all. I had one given to me in highschool by my homecoming date(thats how it started, thats the actual tradition). It has now infiltrated even the elementary schools as a "school pride" thing in our small town. Bah humbug. I think its a little crazy. I had already said I would never give in to the mum madness of Texas(and I was born and raised here!) My 12 year old is in cheer this year and the coach recommended mums for them to wear to the parade earlier this week and on spirit day. She said it was tradition. So I caved. Now I have to make one for my other two daughters when they are in 6th grade to be fair. What have I done?! :) Honestly, I think they are fun to make. And they can be super cute. As long as you don't go crazy...there are some that light up...and some so big kids have to wear backpack straps attached to them to keep them on!

This is not my daughter. Just an example of a mum that just became ridonkulous...she must feel so super special. Lets just hope that thing didn't catch fire.

7. Teach 12 year old to drive. Then she can take the kids to school! Wheeeee.
8. Have husband do the girls hair. Hahaha. I'm sorry I can't even act like that isn't downright hilarious.
9. Meditate, work out for an hour, do an hour of yoga. Then stretch and breathe. All before 6am. Um, no. Who has time for this stuff???
10. Pray (this is the only one that ISN'T a joke! :)

Hope you enjoyed my list. Of course this is just my sense of humor..mixed with bits of truth in there :) If you are having a bad day, just know you are not alone. You aren't a bad mom. Well, maybe you are, I don't actually know you...but you are probably alright ;) Hang in there Mamas!

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