Sunday, October 27, 2013

Despicable Me Party Ideas

We recently threw a party for my big girl 12 year old with a "Despicable Me" theme. It was pure awesomeness. For one, I personally adore that movie. One of the most entertaining kids movies that's come out in years! I mean, who doesn't love those darn cute minions?! And it doesn't seem like you can be too old to have that as your theme, so it totally worked. We had about 16 girls over(plus my 5) so it was quite the party! I made minion cupcakes...decorated the lemonade container as a minion..did pics in "the box of shame" (so those three ideas I borrowed from Pinterest, I ain't gonna lie:)...bought grape and banana popcorn balls from the local Mom and Popcorn Company, attached eyes to them so they looked like minions(those were the take home treats/goodie bags)...and my husband decorated yellow water balloons for water balloon volleyball, as, you guessed it, minions :) So, it was minion craziness over here! And I know, this is nuts, but those last two ideas were MINE! ALL MINE! Who-da thunk? I do think sometimes on my own ;) Anyways, I just wanted to share these pics in case any of you out there wanna throw a killah Despicable Me party!! My daughter said it was the best party ever. Oh, and did I mention we rented an giant inflatable water slide? Okay, so maybe that's part of the reason it was a such a great party. It was North Texas.. aka burning inferno. And we don't have a pool. So there you have it. :)

Isn't he dang adorable? If I had more time I would've added the strap for the eye goggles. But I have five kids. So I was impressed with myself for doing this much.

My daughter made the one in the front center. Of course she added the strap and made me look bad! Ha.

My husbands art work...the kids LOVED flinging these bad boys over the net with their towels! Minions were flying all over the place.

The kids thought this was pretty rad.

Some were happy to be shamed...

 Some were sad. Oh, my daughter aka Birthday Girl is dramatic...and goofy like her Mom :) The kids had a LOT of fun taking turns getting their photo taken here. 

I don't have a picture of the popcorn balls darnit. But it was a cute idea I thought. Easy and fun for the kids to take home. If you are throwing a Despicable Me party anytime soon, I hope these ideas(some stolen, some my own:) helped!


  1. What a cool party! I love the lemonade container and balloons! It looks like you had fun putting it all together.

  2. OMG!!! great ideas thanks for share!