Friday, November 8, 2013

Brilliant Potty Training Idea Right Here

So I'm potty training kid #4. Its going wellllll, ok. Not as splendid as I'd hope but each time you potty-train is typically a nightmare and a half so its to be expected. I've exhausted all efforts. The boy is about 85% there! So we are close but every time he takes two steps forward, he'll take a step back. So yeah, its tough. All you Mamas know it ain't a picnic. And I've learned that each kid is different. They've all "gotten it" differently.

So there's the let em run naked approach. There's the bribery/candy approach. There's the pull up approach. There's the chart/stickers approach. There's the have them sit in front of the tv with the potty in the living room approach. There's that guaranteed-potty-trained-in-3-days-method which isn't doable when you have five kids. Then there is my NEW approach....listen good...

I've been giving him an M&M each time he goes potty. He loves it. All of my kids started off this way and it got them to go...but with his recent steps of regression I've had to take a new approach. Every time he pees in his undies/pull up/floor/whatever isn't a potty...

I EAT AN M&M!(or a few)

And I do it right in front of him! Am I evil?

Some might say yes. But this is how I look at it.
1. I deserve a reward for having to clean up the mess. 
2. It really ticks him off. 
3. I think this is waaay more effective than him just "not getting an M&M." Having to watch me eat it was pretty blood boiling. Hahahaha.

I'll let you know how this pans out...


  1. Sounds good to me! Good luck!!

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